Pick your new favorite barber to suit your comfort. Or rotate between barbers to suit your schedule.

We’re a team.

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Brady's reviews from his customers almost always remark on his attention to detail and his pleasant easy-going personality.

Brady carries no attitude, he just enjoys barbering (he did it for friends for years before going to barber school). And he gets loads of Skin Fade regular clients. If you are looking for that precision haircut look no further.

Looking for a conversation starter? Ask Brady about his trip to advanced barber school in Rotterdam, Holland. Or about his life as a ballplayer or even his dad as a player. Or his snowboarding since he's moved here from San Clemente, California surf seven years ago.

Or don't talk. Brady works well, with or without a conversation, producing the same great reviews from his customers.

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Johnathan reviews from new customers mostly praise his ability to listen carefully to their wishes and turn them into reality. What else do you come to a barber for?

With over ten years of barbering experience, Johnathan is the newest member of our senior barber team and also the one with the most experience. And like the rest of the team, customers remark that he’s a really nice guy who is more than easy to pass the time while getting a haircut or shave.

Johnathan has received advanced education through Reuzel, Paul Mitchell and Eufora.

He spends his free time building and racing cars, and restoring vintage ones which currently include his 1962 Mini and a 1951 Hudson Hornet, as well as a small collection of vintage Vespa's.

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An apprentice has a very special role at the shop. They are both attending barber school as well as auditioning with their chosen shop for their career. We hire on the basis of both talent and personality and Aaron reflects both with exclamation marks.

Any service for free???

You read that right. Aaron offers all his barbering services for free while he is an apprentice. This is a state law, so this is seriously free. And when Aaron cuts a client’s hair one of our senior barbers will also be dedicated to observing and directing that haircut. We have great confidence in Aaron and it’s a perfect time to meet your lifelong barber.

To make an appointment with Aaron, please call 303-432-9923 Tue-Sat 11am-6:30pm so that we can coordinate your schedule with Aaron’s as well as with a supervising senior barber.

Hurry! Aaron will graduate in November and he will start charging regular rates.