Quality Matters

We only use the world’s finest blades, including Japanese stainless steel “Feather” blades for coarse beards or at barber’s preference, to ensure your satisfaction.


Each spring, new BarberX barbers are sent to The Old School Barber Academy, located in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, to learn additional advanced barbering techniques. BarberX does this not only to expand talents, but also minds.

  • The Haircut $35 regularly/$25 during happy hour (Tue-Sat 2-3pm)

    This is what over 85% of our customers select and return for time after time. Whether it is just a trim back to what you had before or a new style this service comes with a New Belgium beer (or other beverage) and a complimentary hot lather neck shave.

  • The Skin Fade $40

    This takes a little longer than The Haircut’s average 30 minutes. A haircut that is faded gradually from the skin of the scalp to any desired length on top, usually more defined by terms like; low, medium or high. Depending on the desired starting point of the graduation from the skin.

  • The Razor Fade $50

    This takes a little longer than both The Haircut and The Skin Fade. Similar to The Skin Fade, however, the hair will graduate from the skin of the scalp to any desired length on top, except this will be finished with a hot straight razor shave on all parts of the scalp desired.

  • The Buzz $20

    Even though you might not get a buzz from the one complimentary New Belgium beer, this ONE clipper guard length all over cut, will surely leave you looking buzzed.

  • The Clean Up $20

    Clean up the sides and back, in between your haircuts. Does NOT include the hair on top or razor fades. Includes: Sides, back, blend to the top, around the ears and back of the neck shaved.

  • The Beard Trim $20-$30

    Let's say you have this LONG bushy beard and you wanted it shorter, and sculpted $30 would cover that. Or, it's not a long beard, but it’s still a beard, and you need it shaped up. Or you messed it up and need it fixed. Either way, $20 will cover that.

  • The Over and Under $35

    Despite how it sounds, we are still shaving, it’s just only for over your handsome beard and under it. Starts with the astringent to clean the part being shaved, then a couple steamy towels, followed by a quick shave... you guessed it, over and under. Moisturizer applied after using a quick massage of the beard and face. Ended with an ice cold, and we mean it, towel. Reuzel Beard Balm applied upon request.

  • The Full Shave $70

    The Full Shave is hard to put into words, but we’ll try. We start with an astringent to clean the face before harvesting the facial hair. Next we apply Reuzel shave products with a gentle massage so we can lift and soften the facial hair simultaneously. Then we shave, with a steady hand and both eyes closed. After we complete the shave, we will apply a moisturizer to protect the new layer of exposed skin, this also involves a massage. To end this spectacular service we will drape an ice cold (don’t say we didn’t warn you) towel over your face to ensure all the pores are closed...and to wake you back up. Relax. You deserve this.