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Get a great haircut for $35* and your first New Belgium beer is free.

*$25 during our daily 2-3pm happy hour.

BarberX is unique among barbershops - they send their new barbers to Europe for advanced barber training. And they offer you a free variety of quality beers. And somehow BarberX still remains affordable and the barbers so incredibly down-to-earth.
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TimeS | Location | Phone

  • Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6:30pm (last appt)

  • 3320 Brighton Blvd., Denver, Colorado 80216

  • 303-432-9923



  • 1-hour free parking garage is accessible

    through driveway located

    immediately south (right) of barbershop

  • Request parking voucher

    at checkout if your stay is over an hour


  • Below The Source Hotel and Market Hall

  • Front door entrance is on Brighton Blvd

  • Need more help? Go to our Location page


Everybody Deserves A great haircut

  • Tue-Sat 2pm-3pm $25 for The Haircut

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Minimalist with attention to detail. And, yes, the glass garage door goes up when weather permits.

Minimalist with attention to detail. And, yes, the glass garage door goes up when weather permits.

  • Barbers ONLY

    • Licensed to give a true advanced barber experience. Laid back. Personable. No attitude. All are welcome.

  • first beer FREE

    • Our next door neighbor is New Belgium’s newest brewery so why not.

  • EASY FREE parking

    • Follow driveway on shop’s south side to covered garage parking.

  • Locally owned

    • A true neighborhood barbershop owned and operated by your neighbors.

  • Reuzel certified

    • Ensures our cutting and shaving quality, ongoing education, and access to unreleased products from the world’s fastest growing men’s grooming product line.

  • European Trained

    • Each spring our newest barbers go to Europe to receive advanced classic barber training in Rotterdam, across from the acclaimed Schorem barbershop.

Limited Time ONLY


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Yours free on your next visit.

Receive one free travel size of Reuzel’s just-released 3-in-1 Tea Tree Shampoo with your next visit. A $6 value. One per customer. Quantities limited.


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Meet Johnathan!

Meet Johnathan!


Meet Your Newest Barber!


Johnathan has over 10 years experience as a barber and he is Reuzel-trained with an intensely loyal following. He is a Colorado native (Anya is our other native) and spends his free time building and racing cars, restoring vintage cars, which currently include his 1962 Mini and a 1951 Hudson Hornet, as well as a small collection of vintage Vespa's.

Not his Hudson, but we’re sure he’ll show you the real thing.

Not his Hudson, but we’re sure he’ll show you the real thing.


Education Matters.

BarberX sent Anya and Brady to advanced classic barber training in Europe this spring (pictured here attending).

They combine the unique techniques they learned in Europe with their years of experience barbering in Denver to deliver a special experience to their regulars and newcomers alike.

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Your Barber,

Taught by the Masters.

The Old School Barber Academy is located in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The shop specializes in the classic cuts that have proven themselves over the decades:

Pompadours, flattops, contours and the other styles featured on Schorem’s famous barbershop posters. Schorem Barbershop is across the street from the academy and is where the co-founders of Reuzel continue to practice their craft.

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Your first beer is free. After that it’s five bucks. Please, drink responsibly. No alcohol allowed outside our premises.

We look forward to welcoming you as a regular.