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Street Art

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.
— Andy Warhol

Every month, BarberX sponsors a street artist to create a work that they are inspired to make that has some, even distant, reference to barbering on the large 4’ x 8’ cable box outside our barbershop.

Thanks to the RiNo Art District for their tremendous help in curating these works.


Anna Charney

Anna Charney encountered a bit of Colorado’s winter/spring spring/winter weather and so her March 2019 street art in front of BarberX became her April 2019 street art. Her work is our first abstract piece.


Patrick Kane McGregor

Patrick McGregor brings his iconic bulldog to BarberX and the entire RiNo Art District community, this time with a request for, “Just a little off the top, please!”

January 2019 @ BARBERX

Chad Bolsinger

The winter sun in this timelapse provides a great reveal! Chad shares his impressive talents with his creation of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands for the enjoyment of the RiNo Art District community as well as the patrons of BarberX.

DECEMBER 2018 @ Barberx

Alexandrea Pangburn

Artist Alexandrea Pangburn picks up on the pig that graces many of Reuzel's products with her work this month in the RiNo Art District community.

November 2018 @ Barberx


Denver street artist Tuke is caught in the act doing his magic for BarberX Barbershop and the entire RiNo Art District community.

October 2018 @ Barberx


Tracy Weil

Tracy is the Interim President & co-founder of the RiNo Art District.

September 2018 (Premiere during crush)

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Chris Haven

“Fish have to get haircuts too!”