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Yes, we’re hiring. Slowly. Carefully. Thoughtfully.

Hi. Thanks for checking us out.

We are completely different from any other barbershop employer. And don’t let “employer” scare you off. What other barbershop sends their barbers off to Holland for advanced barber training? What other barbershop can offer their barbers access to samples of unreleased products from Reuzel and a direct channel for feedback? What other barbershop offers truly talented (at any stage of their career) barbers a wide open horizon for both professional and personal growth?

Our Business Model

Our business model is perfect for a gifted Colorado licensed barber that is looking for a minimum annual guarantee of $30,000 and, more realistically, with tips and bonuses over $60,000.

We want to be your employer so that we can invest in you and your career and your financial security while still managing the shop’s bottom line responsibly. Our barbers enjoy big chain access while having the intimacy of a 6-chair shop.

Gifted and at a unique PERIOD in your career.

We are best suited for talented barbers in specific circumstances.

New to area

We present a compelling case to barbers if they have recently moved to Denver (and have a Colorado barber’s license) and with few regulars established and a need to build their following (but eat and pay rent at the same time with our minimum base income).

Ready for a change

We are also a great choice for a barber who may have topped out (in any number of ways) at their current location (ideally less than 5 miles away) and simply want a congenial environment with health benefits to be able to barber without drama while retaining as many of their current regulars (with perks like free easy parking, free first beer, etc.) as possible and having an incredible experience learning advanced classic barbering techniques in the Netherlands and many other perks not offered by any other barbershop in Colorado.

Little attitude and loads of passion.

With that in mind, we are seeking barbers who are passionate about their art and seek to constantly grow their talents. Our barbers are great conversationalists but also know how to read their client’s wishes. They understand the power of educating their clients on how best to extend their client’s “just cut” look by correctly applying Reuzel product. And they know there is always more to know about the art of cutting hair and shaving and love to learn more and share their knowledge with others. Our barbers are individual spirits but always seek the camaraderie and wisdom of a team.


We reward the right fit.

We offer significantly above-market base compensation that starts at $30,000 plus tips plus 15% product commission plus bi-weekly commission bonuses as well as split costs on top-tier health benefits and fully employer paid accident premiums.

If you average 12 cuts a day and take four weeks off a year you can exceed $60,000 annually with BarberX’s bonus and retail commissions and projected tips:

* These figures do not reflect BarberX’s contributions made towards the barber’s group health insurance premium as well as fully paying for accident coverage premiums.

* These figures do not reflect BarberX’s contributions made towards the barber’s group health insurance premium as well as fully paying for accident coverage premiums.

Let’s talk.

There is definitely a sweet spot, financially, with working for BarberX and we would love to sit down with you to go over a clear-eyed comprehensive spreadsheet showing under what circumstances it is better for you to be a shop owner, chair renter, commissioned or, a salaried and bonused employee.



Our relationship with Reuzel is unique and we are the world’s first Ruezel Certified barbershop which affords our barbers with early access to products and lots of educational opportunities. We have the personal attention of the co-founders of not only Reuzel but also their first creation, American Crew. Be on the ground floor and expect exciting things with this special relationship.

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And you will have a week-long trip to receive advanced classic barber training at Schorem Barbershop’s The Old School Barber Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and then, of course, return to share your new-gained knowledge with Denver’s barber community.

There is fine print to this perk. You must successfully complete (keep the shop always looking great and get great customer and colleague reviews) six or twelve months (depending upon your experience) at BarberX before you are eligible and trips are only scheduled during early spring each year.


We’re in the right location.

Barber X is located in the epicenter of Denver’s creative communities. A proud sponsor of CRUSH street art festival that attracts over 100,000 people every year and a year-long sponsor of a monthly rotating exhibit of street art curated by RiNo Art District and Montreal’s (and now Denver’s) Station 16, BarberX is committed to supporting its creative neighborhood. Expect starving artists to fast-car-driving ad executives, blue collar and white collar in your Belmont. We pride ourselves in the diversity of our clients and seek to have a community of barbers that reflect our community of customers.

Join us.

Get a great haircut for $35 and your first New Belgium beer is free.

Our barbers receive training in Europe at The Old School Barber Academy.

If that sounds like your kind of place, give us a shout.



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